Humanize Your Brand: 5 Actions You Can Take NOW

While landing a customer is important, keeping that customer is critical. Commerce at its foundation is built on personal relationships. Studies have shown people are willing to spend their money more freely if a personal relationship exists with a company or brand.

Some essential things you can do right now to make your company more ‘human’:

1. Use a real name when updating a status, tweet, or blog. This comes across as relatable and people like to see that actual people talking to them.

2. Say ‘thank you.’ It is simple yet effective. What’s even easier? Do it online! Oh, the endless perks of social media.

3. Use acceptable language. If you are a computer retailer posting in a Tech Junkie forum, talk nerdy to you consumers. If you are selling a computer to Granny, use well-known computer terms. People will feel less intimidated and more at ease with you.

4. Highlight employees. They are a great resource; an authentic expression of your brand. Spotlight an employee and have them talk about their favorite product.

5. Ask for feedback. This makes customers feel like you actually care what they say. Just look at Houlihan’s, they launched a social media page just for customers to leave feedback. It’s a virtual comment card. Sales have been up 12% ever since!

The truth is people do business with people they like and trust, and it’s really, really hard to trust a company. You know when it’s easier to trust a company? When your consumer is reminded there are humans working behind the scenes.

While it won’t happen overnight, developing the ‘human’ branding of your company will go a long way and generate you more business.


Connect, Exchange and Relate: Humanize Your Dealership

Landing a customer is important, but keeping that customer is critical – especially if you own an auto dealership.

The dealership, at its core, is built on personal relationships, since the purchase from an individual customer is infrequent. People are more willing to spend their money generously if you have built a relationship with them.

Typically, dealerships advertise extreme, short-lived sales. That ‘SELL, SELL, SELL’ advertising will only get you so far. Emphasizing discounts may entice the consumer to enter a store, but the personal touch of humanizing your brand will keep them coming back. For me it starts with defining who your audience is, defining their needs, and connecting with them along those lines.

How would most people describe their association with your company? Hopefully it is beyond just transactional. If not, you need to extract a more personal and genuine position. For starters, exchange and communicate through comments, messages, and social updates that matter to people.

The truth is, people do business with people they like and trust, and it’s really, really hard to trust a company. What can make it easier? When your audience is reminded there are humans working behind the scenes. If your company comes off as cold, corporate, or faceless, it might be time to find a way to humanize your brand a little more. You must truly value and relate to your consumer.