Story Telling for Your Business

Our lives revolve around good stories, they make us feel warm inside and connected to oImagene another. Applying this to your business, making customers feel all warm and fuzzy inside, can make them feel connected to you. Your story can capture and put into words the emotional DNA of your brand. 
Like any good story there should be some main elements: personal challenge, struggle, conquest and triumph. Think back to the beginning. What sparked the idea for your business? What inspired you? How did you launch? This is the starting point for your story. Capture consumer attention by reeling them in using a character filled with optimism and hope.
As any exciting story, there should be a complication. If no obstacles arose from the beginning, think of last month, yesterday, last week; any difficulties? Then, talk about prevailing or overcoming that difficulty. Do not be afraid to add drama; remember to keep it genuine though. Do not fabricate obstacles. This story, your story, must be authentic to really win over the hearts and wallets of consumers.
Avoid the number one mistake, adding a sales pitch. Consumers are smart and they do not like to be bought. The creation of this story is to convert consumers into brand activists; if they know and love your back story, they will share positive gossip about your business.

Most small business owners tell me the same things: they are not good writers, they are too busy or they have no story to tell. Frankly, ANY business can create an authentic back story.


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