Social Media and Healthcare: Together They Can Rule the World

Let us first talk about social media and its growing importance; Facebook has more than 1 billion users, Twitter has 500 million, and platforms like Pinterest and Instagram are growing just as rapidly.

Social is here to stay and is where consumers are increasingly spending their time interacting, learning and being influenced. Healthcare marketing should generate vibrant, engaging and real-time online identities to benefit from these new behaviors.

Mobile HealthNow we can focus on the new breed of patients. Consumers are seeking to take a more active role in their own healthcare.  As frustrating as it often is to physicians and other healthcare professionals, patients are no longer content with handing over their complete trust. Before they walk into a medical office, they want to be certain they know everything — including the illness they are sure they have. This is where social media sites can really come into play. Creating pages for your medical practice or associating with social sites that are dedicated to illnesses, treatments, and healthy living is a great idea. Patients are doing their research, so it’s important to have complete and correct information online for them!

Understanding this new breed of empowered patients plus understanding the rise of digital, social, and mobile marketing is becoming a necessity. People want the information and they want it to be easily accessible and even customized to their own preferences and needs.


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