Mobile Local Commerce

Small businesses listen up! This year, more than ever, consumers will be compelled to shop locally. New technology is providing services that identify local shops offering exactlyImage what consumers are looking for. Shoppers are tech-savvy and expect purchasing to be quick, convenient, and hassle free. The facts are straightforward, if the experience is not convenient, consumers are less inclined to use you as a merchant. Here are two ways to jump on this tech-savvy bandwagon:


1. Intuit, otherwise known as mobile payments on the go. The commercials show an on-the-go personal trainer using Intuit but in actuality, it is great for any small business that currently does not accept credit cards. In some cases it might be less costly than getting a traditional credit card reader! Intuit offers a free application for you to download (for your iPhone, iPad or Android) and a free card reader that easily attaches to your mobile device. You are charged per credit card transaction, and it is commitment-free.

Still not convinced about mobile payments? Check out this infographic.  Mobile payments level the playing field for small businesses, giving you the tools to recapture lost sales from large chains.

2. Goodzer is an app that is popping up on every smartphone. It is a search engine for unique boutiques and small neighborhood stores that can be easily overlooked. The concept is to find local products. Consumers can type in any product and Goodzer checks prices and availability in real-time of any local merchant that list items on a website. Retailers can easily add themselves to the Goodzer database by clicking ‘Add Store’ on the Goodzer websites’ navigation bar. The system is growing – if you do not add your store, local competitors will add theirs. When consumers search, who do you think they will find?Image

 Local merchants who are not ready to make the transition to mobile services may lose sales to mobile-ready competitors and risk the long-term success of their business. So check it out!