Promote Your Social Media: 7 Steps You Can Do Right Now

call to action

The key is making it simple — simple, simple, simple … and easy for your consumers to follow and interact with you using social media. Here are seven tips to get started:

1. Blast an e-mail or e-newsletter using your consumer database. Make it easy for them to click and ‘Like’ you on Facebook, etc.

2. Use social media buttons and plug-ins on your website and blog.

3. Include social media links on your business cards.

4. Include social media links in your e-mail signature.

5. Include social media info on invoices and receipts.

6. Since radio spots are easy to update on a moment’s notice, update your social media CTA’s frequently so listeners are encouraged to join your different networks.

7. Add a ‘Like,’ +1, or Share button on your website’s content to enable and encourage your visitors to distribute your content with their friends.

Encourage consumers to act on your social media call to action (CTA) by inciting them; have exclusive offers or information for people who follow you in Twitter or ‘Like’ you on Facebook. Make it beneficial for consumers to follow and interact.


Will the Summer Sun make your Sales Shine or Fade Away?

Many business owners say their sales dwindle in the summer months. Summer depicts a season of no worries and slowing down, but this does not mean your sales have to slow down too.  There are countless marketing techniques that can be used to make your business BOOM during the summer months.

There are a lot of unusual and just plain ridiculous holidays out there. As a business, you should find one related to your industry and start celebrating. I was recently walking past a Rack Room Shoes and there was a big sale on flip-flops because it was National Flip Flop Day.  There were big holiday signs outside, party streamers inside, and even free cake for the holiday! Integrating your products with summer elements is a creative and funny way to grab any passer-by’s attention.

Everyone is outside and active during the summer. This is great potential for capturing people’s eyes with sidewalk sales. Set up tables and displays outside. You can even use the sidewalk to unload excess inventory at discounted prices or display your best products outside — encouraging customers to visit the inside of the store. Another great thing about being outside is summer festivals, street markets, and parades. Research upcoming fairs and festivals and see if you can reserve a spot to set up a table. You can sell products here, and also engage with customers and other local businesses.

During the hot summer days, free food and cold drinks are the perfect way to draw in customers. You can host a BBQ cookout for loyal patrons and also invite new potential patrons. Here you can connect with customers through casual conversation and show that you appreciate them. Handing out some freebies, like re-usable water bottles, is a nifty promotional tool as well. Customers will love things like that to bring to the beach. This will keep brand exposure strong.

Before the summer months begin, make sure you have a tailored marketing plan to incorporate themes from the season to help catch the attention of the public. Summertime promotions and advertising are fantastic opportunities for your brand to be fun. It is everyone’s vacation time, just make sure your marketing and advertising doesn’t take that vacation as well!

Facebook Timeline: Business Pages New Best Friend

I’m sure we have all noticed the new changes Facebook has thrown our way. They are calling this change timeline, and all users have been automatically switched. But, Business pages have stayed the same. Come March 30th every Business page will be in Timeline format. Don’t be nervous; Timeline is probably one of the best things to happen to social media for your company. There are numerous benefits and features that will have you changing your business’s Facebook to Timeline as soon as you are done reading.

The first thing you see when you open Timeline is a 851 x 315 pixel ‘Cover’ photo. This is a great opportunity to show what your company is all about. Make this picture count; use creative logos, emblems, product photos, event poster, etc. Some Facebook don’ts for a cover photo include mentioning price, sales and telling people to ‘Like’ your page.

Another great new tab is ‘About’. This is comparable to the ‘Info’ tab on classic Facebook. What’s better with the ‘About’ tab is that it is located front and center, the old ‘Info’ tab was hidden on the side. Keep it short and sweet here. Timeline focuses on displaying and organizing the history of your business so there is no need to type out the autobiography in ‘About’. With Timeline you can easily add ‘Milestones’ like when your business first opened to product launches instead of listing those details in your info.

The first things people see on your Facebook are very important, Timeline understands that. You can now ‘Pin’ a post. A pinned post will stay at the top of your page for 7 days or until you unpin it. This is great for special promotions or events that might me coming up. If something is not that important but you would like to highlight it you have the option to ‘Star’ it. By starring a post, picture or event you enlarge it and make it stand out amongst other things on your timeline.

If you add your local business address to Timeline you can finally claim your Facebook Place. People can say they are at your storefront or talk about the cool new product they got from you and tag your business. With classic Facebook, people clicked this ‘Tag’ of your business and it brought them to a blank check-in page. With Timeline, the tag will go to your actual Facebook page (This feature can be disabled if people are not so nice when talking about your business). “Look who’s talking” is a new feature which tells you who is talking about your business. Next to this feature is a tab called “Reach” which tells you how many people the conversation about your business is reaching. These new tabs are located right on your new Admin Panel which keeps everything nice and organized for your business page.

Private messaging is now enabled. Fans can ask about products, special offers, and this will also help keep customer service issues private instead of having them all over your Wall where other customers can see. Although you cannot initiate messages with customers, you can respond to them when they send one first.

The best new feature by far is what they are calling ‘Offers.’ In essence this is an online coupon or promotion amped up and more user friendly. Your business can create an ‘Offer’ for FREE and share it on your Timeline. Fans will be able to see this and then they can ‘Claim’ the offer. After they do this, an email will be sent to them instantly. Some businesses have it set up where the customer just has to show the email in order for them to get the offer. People are able to see what their friends are claiming and will be able to ‘Claim’ those offers as well even though they might not be your fan on Facebook.